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Sharing Information to Join Generations.

Sharing Information to Join Generations.

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Are you a genealogist, family historian, or simply curious about genealogy? is an exciting new website coming soon.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned genealogist, will be your first choice for learning, sharing, contemplating, collaboration or simply enjoying genealogy.

Find hundreds of knowledge-based articles, podcasts, and videos to help with your genealogy research on topics like:

Introduction to Genealogy

  • Family History Consultants
  • Genealogy for Families
  • Genealogy for Youth
  • Genealogy for Beginners

Genealogy Research

  • Country and Ethnicity
  • Immigration, Emigration, Migration
  • Oral and Personal Histories
  • Pre-1800 Research
  • Record Resources
  • The Internet

Editing and Production Tools

  • Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals
  • Camera and Photo
  • Digitizing Audio, Documents and Film


  • Genealogy Links Directory
  • Reference Desk
  • Organization
  • Archives, Libraries, Museums and Societies
  • Travel Planning