Serbia, Europe, Historical Profile (1922), #034-The Union


The equivocal attitude of the Entente towards the new State, and Italy's insistence upon a fulfilment of the Treaty of London, naturally hastened the proccss of union. On Nov. 23 the Zagreb National Council proclaimed the union of the territories under its control with the kingdoms of Serbia and Montenegro, and invited the prince regent of Serbia lo assume the regency of the new State.

This decision (passed with only one dissentient voice, but that, unhappily, Stephen Radic, the peasant leader) took formal effect on Dec. 1, when Prince Alexander, at the formal request of 24 delegates from Zagreb, proclaimed the union. Meanwhile on Nov. 26 a hurriedly convoked National Assembly at Podgorica had proclaimed the deposition of King Nicholas and his dynasty and the union of Montenegro with Serbia in the new united State. The first Yugoslav Cabinet was constituted under Protic as Premier and Korosec as Vice- Premier; Trumbic became Foreign Minister; other portfolios were divided more or less equally between Serbia and the new territories.

      "Serbia, Europe, Historical Profile (1922), #034-The Union," The Encyclopedia Britannica. (New York: Encyclopedia Britannica, 1922); digital edition, ( : posted 15 Jan 2013)

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