Serbia, Europe, Historical Profile (1922), #026-The Albanian Conflicts


Austria-Hungary now concentrated her attention upon Albania, and thereby rendered still more acute the iclations between Serbs and Albanians. The summons addressed to Belgrade by the Great Powers for the withdrawal of the Serbian troops (Aug. 19) was a signal for further trouble. Late in Sept. there was a formidable Albanian rising, and the insurgents seized Dibra and even Okhrida, and forced Serbia to remobilize. In October the Serbs, in response to a peremptory demand from Austria-Hungary, withdrew their troops, but sent an effective Note to the Great Powers, begging them to enjoin upon their Albanian proteges a respect for the frontiers created for their benefit.

By Christmas 1913 the situation in the new territory was rapidly becoming normal, but its administration left much to be desired, and the closing of Bulgarian schools, the expulsion of Exarehist clergy and occasional excesses against the Moslem population caused serious unrest and discontent. The Pasic administration became absorbed in defending itself against the increasingly violent onslaughts of the Opposition, which on March 4, 1914, withdrew from the Chamber as a protest against alleged unconstitutional action of the Government in budget matters.

But though the tension was increased by the activities of a powerful military society known colloquially as "The Black Hand, " and by the seizure of its club premises by the Minister of the Interior, Protic, the Government was still in office in the summer. The visit of Crown Prince Alexander and Pasic to St. Petersburg early in February had given rise to rumours of a new Balkan League under Russian auspices; but the return of Radoslavov to power in Sofia had really made any such plan impracticable.

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