Serbia, Europe, Historical Profile (1922), #015-Serbia and Austria-Hungary


On June 28, 1881, a secret alliance for ten years was signed between Serbia and Austria- Hungary, by which the former undertook not to conclude any political treaty without Vienna's previous consent, and to prevent on her territory any "political or religious agitation" against the Dual Monarehy. The latter, in return, promised to use "her whole influence" in favour of the Obrenovic, to recognise Serbia as a kingdom, and in (he event of fresh Balkan complications to sanction her expansion in the Vilayet of Kosovo and Central Macedonia, though not in Novipazar.

Behind the back of the Premier Pirocanac, Milan gave a still more explicit personal pledge and offered Haymcrle a secret declaration "in whatever terms you care to notify to me, and annulling completely the effect of" the Premier's qualifying note. Milan's dealings with the court of Vienna are among the most humiliating incidents in Serbian history.

They culminated in May 1885 in a contingent offer to withdraw from Serbia in favour of the Habsburgs and a request that in the event of his own death Austria-Hungary should prevent his son Alexander from mounting the throne as a minor, and should take charge of his education, or if she could not obtain possession of his person, should occupy Serbia by forcc of arms. Neither Kalnoky nor Francis Joseph responded, rightly regarding the offer as the outcome of an unbalanced mind.

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