Cambodia Travel: Standard of Health Care


The public hospitals in Cambodia are of a poor standard and should not be used. Some private clinics are run by Western trained doctors. Consult your travel assistance company for a recommendation. These facilities can provide quality medical care and serious cases can be stabilized prior to out-of-country evacuation. Serious medical situations will need to be evacuated.
OutPatient Care
Avoid public hospital outpatient departments. Seek a recommendation from your medical assistance company before selecting a private clinic.

Paying for Health Care
Clinics and hospitals expect immediate payment at the time services are rendered.

Do not defer medical treatment because of financial concerns. Contact International SOS, and if our terms allow, we will make financial arrangements on your behalf.

Dental Care
Dental services are available at some private clinics.

Medication Availability
There are many pharmacies in Cambodian cities and towns. However, many of these pharmacies stock out-of-date and/or heat damaged drugs.

Since brand names vary, know the generic (chemical) names of your medications. It is always advisable to bring an adequate supply of prescription and other medications from your home country. Check the expiration date on all medications.

Blood Supplies
Blood supplies in Cambodia are UNSAFE. If blood is required, evacuation to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok may be necessary.

Even in areas where the blood supply is considered safe, it's best to avoid blood transfusions if possible. Screening cannot detect every blood-borne disease, and immune reactions can vary from minor to life-threatening. If a blood transfusion is recommended and circumstances permit, seek a second opinion from International SOS or your health advisor.

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