Cambodia Travel: Cultural Tips


General Cultural Tips
* When visiting a temple, women should cover their shoulders and knees. Everyone should wear a shirt.
* Remove your shoes before entering a home or pagoda.
* If invited to a Cambodian home, it is appropiate to bring flowers (typically jasmine).
* When greeting Cambodians, place both hands together in a prayer position at chest level or higher. (The higher the hands, the greater the sign of respect; but do not exceed the nose or touch the body.) It is appropiate to slightly bow the head when folding one's hands as a sign of respect for persons of higher status or age.
* Do not touch another person's head (not even a child's.) The head is considered the most sacred part of the body among Buddhists.
* Sok sebai is a common greeting phrase.
* Chopsticks or spoons are used when eating, depending on the type of food.
* Ask permission before taking photographs of Cambodian people, especially monks.
* Try to avoid raising your voice when frustrated or angry.

Business Cultural Tips
* Appointments should be made in advance, and punctuality is important.
* Business attire is conservative. Due to the year-round hot temperatures in Cambodia, light-weight business suits are appropriate.
* A knowledge of French can be useful in conducting business.
* Do not discuss religion or politics with business associates.

Business Hours
Mon-Fri:07:30-11:30 and 14:00-17:30.

Although tipping is not expected, gratuites are always appreciated in both hotels and restaurants.

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