Minneapolis, Minnesota, Historical Profile (1919), #005-Industries


Minneapolis has long been known as the largest center of the manufacture of Hour in the world, and its combined mills now have a capacity of nearly 85,000 barrels in twenty-four hours. These mills are situated on both banks of the Mississippi, at the head of the Falls of Saint Anthony. Other leading industries are the manufacture of lumber and timber products, such as furniture, boxes and the like; cooperage, for which the manufacture of Hour creates a largo demand; the manufacture of underwear and other knit goods, fur goods, foundry and machine shop products and the manufacture and repair of railway cars. A wide variety of commodities used in business and the home are produced, and the yearly output of all enterprises is valued at fully $165,000,000.

As a primary wheat market Minneapolis is the most important in the country and it is the world's greatest center for the distribution of lumber. Besides the lumber manufactured in the city, Minneapolis is also an exchange poi/it for large quantities of lumber manufactured in other places and forwarded for sale.

      "Minneapolis, Minnesota, Historical Profile (1919), #005-Industries," The American Educator. (Chicago: Ralph Durham Company, 1919); digital edition, ( : posted 15 Jan 2013)

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