Shabats, Servia (Town) 1911 Profile, #01: General Description


SHABATS (also written Shabatz and Sabac), a town in Servia, capital of the Drina department, on the right bank of the river Save. Pop. (1900) 12,072. It has a medieval castle, built in 1470 by Sultan Mahommed II., to facilitate the incursion of the Turks into Slavonia, which lies on the left bank of the river. It is the principal commercial town of north-western Servia, exporting cereals, prunes, cattle and pigs to Hungary. It is well known for the excellent white honey which comes from its neighbourhood. The district is rich in lime-trees. Shabats is the seat of a bishop, of the district prefecture, and of a tribunal. It has a college and a library, and a garrison occupies the old fort. The people of Shabats have the reputation of being the wittiest in Servia.

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