Minnesota, United States of America (State) 1911 Profile, #06: Agriculture


The principal industry of Minnesota is agriculture. Large areas of swamp lands in the central and north central parts of the state once counted non-arable have been drained and reclaimed. There were in 1900 154,659 farms aggregating 26,248,498 acres, of which 70.3% was improved land; the total value of farm property was $788,684,642, an increase in value of $373,983,016, or more than 90%, for the decade 1890-1900. The value of domestic animals on farms and ranges was $86,620,643. The total value of farm products for the year 1899 (census of 1900) was $161,217,304. Geographically the wheat-raising area extends across the entire south of the state-the Minnesota Valley and the Red River Valley-the rich glacial loam of which renders it one of the most productive wheat regions in the world. Other important crops in the order of their value are oats, hay and forage, Indian corn, barley, flax-seed, potatoes, rye, grass seeds, wild grass, clover, beans, peas, and miscellaneous vegetables and orchard products. Both fruit-raising and dairying interests are centred principally in the southern half of the state.

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